Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Day Report

It was a wedding to remember! Held in a pioneer country church, the Princess and her Prince Charming recited their vows. The Prince's brother officiated the traditional Christian wedding reminding the couple, as well as family and friends, of certain important principles--one of which was that Jesus died for the bride and for the groom. Each has value and is dearly loved by their Creator. Therefore, they should treat each other with consideration and respect.

It was a reception to remember! Under tall fir trees, the trunks of which had been strung with tiny white lights, guests dined sumptuously at tables spread with white linen cloths. Children played in an elaborate treehouse and on an old-fashioned wood/rope swing that reached high into the sky. All the traditions were observed: bouquet toss, garter toss, the Prince and Princess enjoying the first dance, the Princess dancing with her father, and a beautiful multi-tiered wedding cake.

As night fell, the trees took center stage--lighting the pathway out of this fairyland.

No one could blame guests for not wanting to leave. We'd just taken a magical mystery trip back to simpler times--times of joy and laughter, times of traditional values, times when mere acquaintances could spend an afternoon and evening in each other's company enjoying the moment. It was a party--and those putting it on appeared to be more concerned with their guests' experience than even their own. 

May God bless this couple with long life and rich blessings. Like the trees strung with lights, may their roots be strong and may they be reflectors of His love.

Have you a particular wedding memory you'd like to share?

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