Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Too Much Excitement Can Be a Dangerous Thing!

Because of the wedding last week-end, my sister was visiting from out-of-town, and I wanted to show her the sights

With three hours to go before the wedding, we drove to the historic town of Willamette. Ignoring the still small voice in my head to clip my car keys back on the strap in my purse, I jammed them in my pocket--and away we went!

After visiting a few of the many shops, we decided to head for home and get ready for the wedding. You guessed it! No car keys anywhere. We dashed back to the stores we'd visited and, finding no keys, left my telephone number--just in case.

Next we called my saint of a husband who showed up within ten minutes with the spare set of keys. We arrived home with only 15 minutes to dress but we, somehow, made it to the wedding with time to spare. (Best of all, someone later happened to turn in my errant keys to a shop that had my phone number. Thank you, Lord.)

After church on Sunday, I took my sister into Portland for more sightseeing. Finding no parking spot, we chose a very crammed parking structure and spent a lovely hour on the Esplanade along the Willamette River. The very crammed parking structure had a very strong cement post at its exit--which I unceremoniously scraped, along with the side of my hitherto unscratched bright red Camry SL.

I wondered what my saint of a husband would say about this.  If you know Dick, you guessed it! He smiled and headed for the rubbing compound and touch-up paint. Within a few minutes the car was almost as good as new! I was relieved. My sister was amazed.

What a powerful testimony to the goodness of God. He restored my keys and gave me the most wonderful husband around. To quote my sister, "Patience trumps excitement every time!" Too much excitement can be a dangerous thing!

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