Friday, June 25, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes!

My husband is always saying, "What a difference a day makes." Having heard it so many times, I usually just nod, maybe even roll my eyes. But I won't do that any more!

Since Dick seemed lethargic lately, I hoped that getting out--even to an eye exam--might perk him up. But when our jovial optometrist couldn't break through, I began to worry. This was not like my husband at all.

On the way home, we stopped off at the doctor's office (thankfully, they fit us in). A chest x-ray pinpointed the real reason for Dick's fatigue. He had a collapsed lung . . . a spontaneously collapsed lung aka a pneumo-thorax. And it had apparently been that way for days!

In the emergency room, medical professionals began to evacuate the air surrounding the collapsed lung so that it could re-inflate (fearfully and wonderfully made lungs!) Under stress, Dick's body went into shock, his blood pressure plummeting. Seemed the entire ER staff came STAT, surrounding him in an effort to preserve his life. While they worked frantically, I sat in the corner and cried out to God.

He answered all our efforts.

With Dick's re-inflated lung back on the job, he feels renewed in spirit as well as body. Believing the Lord must still have work for him to do, he's drawing nearer to God in order to hear his marching orders. So, out of all of this, good has come. In one chaotic day, Dick had important check-ups, both physical and spiritual, and he's come through with flying colors. To God be the glory, great things He has done.

What a difference a day makes!


  1. So thankful to hear that Dick is doing well....

  2. What a wonderful story (I love happy endings) and testimony, thanks for sharing

  3. WOW! SO glad Dick is okay! Glad he still has work on earth to do!

  4. What an amazing testimony of God's faithfulness!