Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Miss My Dad!

Father's Day brought back memories of my Dad. How I wish I'd appreciated him more when I was younger. It was only later, when I grew up, that I realized what a good man he was.

Dad was a family man, and a stern disciplinarian. Things had to be done his way, or else. He never laid a hand on us--no need for swats when looks could kill. We kids used to complain behind his back. "Geesh, what a grouch!"

We'd complain that he seemed obsessed with the "almighty dollar." (By now, you've guessed I grew up in the sixties, haven't you?) Yes, money was important to him. My sister and I took rigorous courses like Latin and anything "advanced" instead of fun things like Choir and Home Economics in order to qualify for, and win, scholarships.

We didn't understand Dad had gone through the Great Depression and knew the difference between living in plenty and in want. He wanted us to experience the plenty! For that reason, perhaps, he was very critical of the young men we brought home. No one was good enough for his girls . . . unless they were planning to become an architect or a doctor or were already independently wealthy.

We let him down in that regard, marrying for love rather than status. And, over time, he grew to respect and honor our mates. He was a big enough man to admit he'd been wrong. That's when I began to realize what a good man he was, how his intentions (albeit awkwardly expressed) had always been for our good.

Our relationship deepened, especially after Christ entered our lives, and it comforts me greatly to know that I'll have an eternity to spend loving and honoring my Dad as well as my heavenly Father. I see Dad now alongside my Savior, proud of his kids and looking forward to the day he can welcome us home to Heaven. He's living in plenty now, and is probably mighty tickled with his mansion.

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