Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday we honored our Dads, and rightly so. Being a father is a big responsibility--the stakes are high. When children are the recipients of their father's love, they feel secure, secure enough to venture out on their own one day and become loving parents themselves.

Many young people stray off course because they don't have the love of their fathers. Seeking approval of older men, some young boys join gangs or fall into male prostitution. Similarly, young girls fall for men, even bad men, who tell them they are pretty.

Many people, young and old, have difficulty receiving the love of the heavenly Father because they never sensed the love of their earthly father. How devastating for any man to stand before the Lord one day and realize that his children aren't in heaven because of his cold heart!

Being a father is a lifelong mission, and a worthy occupation. It is the opportunity God gives men to walk in His shoes and lead the next generation home. Until next year at this time, Happy Father's Day to all fathers everywhere. May you live up to your calling.

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