Monday, April 26, 2010

On Do-Overs

At the writing conference I attended this week-end, I learned some spiffy ways of improving my manuscript. Of course, this will involve some restructuring. In a novel you can move chapters around, change scenes, even change dialogue.

Do-overs are not so easily accomplished in real life. Words spoken in haste or deeds performed in anger can cause irreparable damage that can't be erased with the stroke of a delete key. No, something else is required--grace!

It takes grace to admit I was wrong--the grace of a humble spirit. And it takes the grace of a humble spirit to accept the apology of the one who hurt me.

A humble spirit is sadly underrated! Many people consider humility a sign of weakness, the scourge of the underdog. On the contrary! Humility is a sign of strength--strength that will carry us to heaven where Jesus awaits us. 

It was pride that cost Lucifer his exalted spot in heaven, pride that cost Adam and Eve their place in Eden, pride that drives lost souls to hell.

Some things can't be "do-overs" but they can be made right by swallowing our pride and doing what needs to be done in a spirit of humility.

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