Friday, April 30, 2010


Today being National Honesty Day, let's consider how we communicate.

Proverbs 30 has much to say about good and bad communication. For example:

"Every word of God is pure" (verse 5)

"Remove falsehood and lies far from me" (verse 8)

"Do not malign a servant to his master,
lest he curse you, and you be found guilty" (verse 10)

"If you have been foolish in exalting yourself,
or if you have devised evil, put your hand on your mouth" (verse 32)

If every word of God is pure, then we as His children should strive for purity of speech. We should remove falsehood and lies far from our tongues--and if we need help, God is happy to oblige! 

We should not be involved in slander. But if we are called to testify against evil, we should do so with integrity and honesty--and purity of heart.

We should be careful not to exalt ourselves. Rather we should let God, who sees all things, honor us in His own time as He sees fit.

When it comes to communication, the bottom line is this from Psalm 19:14: May the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in God's sight for He is our strength and our Redeemer.

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