Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Letter That Was Received Too Late

This morning I read online (Yahoo.com) of a letter written by John Lennon to a younger musician thirty-four years ago. The letter encouraged the younger man, headed for stardom, that he need not let riches change him. In fact, he could use his money to help others if he wanted.

The letter didn't arrive while Lennon was alive. In fact it arrived twenty-five years after his death!

The recipient felt cheated. He would have cherished the letter, and would have wanted to respond to Lennon's kindness in writing it. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he wasn't able to do that.

In a similar manner, God sent mankind an encouraging letter--the Bible. He wanted to give us good directions on how to live life, wanted us to know what He expected.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, many people have not received His letter.
  • Perhaps they live in an unreached area of the world. Perhaps they have not yet heard. Missionaries are working feverishly to get the Bible translated in the language of all speaking-groups.
  • Perhaps they've turned a deaf ear to things of God. He is faithfully sending believing friends and family into their lives to "preach" the good news.
  • Perhaps they're children. God is again faithfully placing people around them who can invite them to vacation Bible school or backyard Bible clubs or release time at schools.
Those of us who have received the Good News and who have great expectations for our eternal future need to do more than rejoice at our good prospects. We need to share our blessings with those who have not yet heard--before it's too late.

Please share ways you've found helpful in telling others about Jesus.

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