Friday, August 20, 2010

County Fairs and Paradise

Today's the day--we're going to the county fair! I don't know who's more excited--the grandkids or me. Luke wants to try his hand at the carnival games--that'll be an education in itself! Viv is excited to try the cotton candy--pink! Sam will enjoy riding around in his wheelchair and looking at the goats! Me? I'm excited to watch the children have the time of their lives!

Don't you just love county fairs! They're fun, pure and simple. Seems like the older we get, fewer things float our boat. Perhaps disillusionment sets in as life knocks the wind out of our sails. The "rides" seem less exciting and more perilous.

One thing never fails to excite--the prospect of Heaven. Our loving heavenly Father--who cannot and does not lie--has graciously provided descriptions in the Bible of what awaits us in Paradise:
  • What it will look like
  • Who will be there
  • What to expect
  • What not to expect
  • What we'll do
  • What we'll learn
It's going to be an incredibly beautiful place populated with the best and most loving associates God could save. We will accomplish the "impossible" unfettered by doubt and fear and pain and sorrow. The universe and beyond into infinity will be our classroom, and our teacher will be none other than the Almighty Himself.

Read about it. Start in Genesis and work your way on to Revelation. It makes terrific Summer reading (and Fall and Winter and Spring). 

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