Saturday, May 22, 2010

People Who Pray

This morning in our prayer group, one friend mentioned that women often get sucked into wanting this or that previously-held male position, such as fire-fighting. Yet women who are hired in that role often find the job stressful and physically-exhausting. Some even find it necessary to quit or request desk jobs.

I have no problem with women wanting to break the glass ceiling that keeps certain positions out of reach. And I certainly have no qualms about expecting equal pay for equal work, especially since many women now are heads of single-parent households.

Yet, there's an even greater position that is open to all, regardless of gender--that of prayer warrior for family, country, and the world. Firefighters can save houses, possibly lives. Policemen can make our streets safer. Presidents can orchestrate a nation's policies. But:

Prayer warriors can work with God almighty to make a difference. 
Prayer warriors can save the world!

Let those who want to make a temporal difference squabble over jobs and pay scales, and let those who want to make an eternal difference meet together in prayer.

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