Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Eternal Optimist

Years ago, I clipped a Punch cartoon out of the paper. My all-time favorite, it depicts a man crawling across a barren desert on his hands and knees. He looks up at the scorching sun and lifts his voice in song . . . "Blue skies shining on me, nothing but blue skies do I see." Now that's an optimist!

Thankfully, those of us who know the Lord can look heavenward, even in the midst of our fiercest trial, and have peace in our hearts. Why? Because the God of the universe is looking down on us, working all things together for our good. Even when evil assails us, like Joseph we can say:

"You intended to harm me,
but God intended it for good."
~ Genesis 50:20

Sometimes cynics mock Christians for being eternal optimists. But that's okay. We know who saved us, transformed us, and transported us out of the kingdom of death into the kingdom of His dear Son. We know His promises are sure, proven, and trustworthy. I place my trust in the One who wrote the Book. How about you?

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