Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Review: Green by Ted Dekker

Several years have passed since I read WHITE, the last installment of The Circle books. As intricate as the story line is--with Thomas the Hunter inhabiting two separate realities divided by thousands of years--I had no difficulty reconnecting with the characters in the newest installment GREEN. Characters, settings, plot lines--all are woven seamlessly throughout the four books, with GREEN written intentionally to represent either the beginning or the end of the series.

Dekker's followers have come to expect action-packed stories filled with twists and turns and memorable characters. GREEN does not disappoint. What thrilled me even more is Dekker's generous infusion of biblical allusions, from the showdown between the prophets of Ba'al and Elyon to the confusion over the timing of Elyon's return (pre-mid-post trib). Thomas the Hunter is clearly portrayed as a man after Elyon's heart whose son Samuel is clearly a type of Absalom. When the people grow restless for some "sign" of a heavenly presence, an angelic-type being presents himself and, as in Elisha's day, declares that Elyon's people are surrounded by heavenly beings. They just don't have eyes to see. The final battle takes place in the Miggdon Valley (Armageddon) where people who have taken the mark of the beast fight those who have not. Throughout the book, scripture is paraphrased frequently.

I recommend GREEN for those who like adventure but also for those who like to delve deep. It seems to me this book needs to be read more than once.

Ted Dekker grew up in the jungles of Indonesia where his parents were missionaries. His background is, at least, partially responsible for giving him a boundless imagination and a unique point of reference. 

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