Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Lesson from Sam

So Sam is now wearing a bulky blue cast from his upper thigh to his toes, making his leg as cumbersome as a solid wood plank. He doesn't understand that all he's been through will make his life better in several weeks, yet he's not complaining. Nor is he struggling against his cast.

Actually, he's adapted to it really well. When mommy's not there to help him, like in the middle of the night, Sam has taught himself to roll out of his lower bunk, scoot to the door and somehow reach up to flip on the light switch. (Good thing his brother is a sound sleeper!) Not a whimper, not a cry, not a shout! In time mommy or daddy comes to investigate and tuck the little guy back in bed.

What about us? Don't we also encounter distressing situations in life not knowing what the outcome will be? Be honest now--how do you respond in those situations? If you're like me, you chafe against them for awhile, maybe a long while, maybe even kick and scream. In the end you realize that all the fussing in the world doesn't make the situation any easier to swallow. And maybe by that time you've begun to discover some actual blessings from the accursed thing.

How good it would be if I, like Sam:
  • could be more accepting of trials that come my way and press on with my life despite them. 
  • could get myself off my bed of woe and make my way to the door, turn on the light, and wait expectantly for God to pick me up.

    "I press toward the goal
    for the prize of the 
    upward call of God in Christ Jesus."
    ~Philippians 3:14

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