Monday, May 31, 2010

May God bless our soldiers and the country they fought to protect.

We live near Willamette National Cemetery and feel privileged to witness the military jets perform their annual flyover during the Memorial Day observation.

What a blessing to live in a free country! Our soldiers have fought hard to procure that freedom for us. Many gave their lives, others lost limbs, and others still suffer from the emotional trauma of war. May we never lose sight of the sacrifices they made for us.

How can we ever repay them? We can't really. But we can honor them on this day. Throughout the year we should take every opportunity to thank soldiers we encounter for their service. We can support organizations that support them. We can demand that they receive excellent medical attention during and after their terms of duty. We can and should give them extra consideration when it comes to housing, education, and retirement benefits.

Most importantly, we can pray for them and ask God to bless them from above with His grace.

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