Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Promise to Peacemakers!

This Christmas when all are assembled at the table and you are hoping for a peaceful family time together, will your hopes be dashed by someone's thoughtless--or downright rude--comment?

How will you respond? Will you stuff that forkful of turkey in your mouth and keep on chewing? Will you draw circles in the gravy on your plate and pretend you didn't hear? Will you successfully stifle the urge to launch your butter knife at the offending party?

Or will you somehow find a way to promote peace, diffusing the bomb before it can explode and cause greater damage?

My husband is skilled in these matters. In his own gentle way, Dick can turn away wrath better than anyone else I know. He recommends softly acknowledging the comment and suggesting the concerned parties discuss it after dinner. Like this:

"Kelly, your hostess has spent a good deal of time on this dinner. Let's enjoy it now, okay? Later tonight you and Robin and I can discuss this in private."

Then he would quickly turn the conversation, if possible, to the Lord. "You know, folks, this is Jesus' birthday and we honor Him by giving gifts to one another. But let's think for a few minutes about all the things He has given us over the past year. Who wants to start?"

Dick is a peacemaker. And I suspect that many of you are, too. God has a promise for you:

"Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called the children of God."
                                                            - Matthew 5:9 

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