Friday, October 30, 2009

A String of Selah Pearls - Psalm 66:13-15

Positioned gracefully across the Book of Psalms is a string of seventy-one pearls, lovely beads of wisdom followed by the admonition SELAH which means, “Pause, think on these things, meditate.” 

Psalm 66:13-15 “I will come to your temple with burnt offerings and fulfill my vows to you—vows my lips promised and my mouth spoke when I was in trouble.  I will sacrifice fat animals to you and an offering of rams; I will offer bulls and goats.  Selah.”


Many of us have made “foxhole conversions” to God when we were in trouble.  “Oh God, if you will just get me out of this, I will do such and so.” This pearl reminds us of the importance of keeping vows made to God.

The circumstances surrounding those promises do not matter.  What matters is that promises made to God must be kept.  That includes promises made to others with God as our witness, e.g., marriage vows and other pledges made in faith.

God always keeps his promises.  As his spirit-filled child, how can I do any differently?  And when I pay my pledge, let me give the best “fat animals” that I have, my utmost for his highest.


Look up: Psalm 56:12; 66:13-14; 76:11

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