Saturday, September 12, 2009

God's Right to Choose!

Two years ago this month, my mother left us to go to Jesus. A week later, my husband's brother also left us for Heaven. How great was our loss! How great was their gain!

Thinking about them both, I marvel at the number of lives Mom touched in her 84 years and Fred in his 65 years. The same goes for you and for me. We each have the opportunity to touch others for good, to brighten each life with hope and encouragement.

This world is often a fearsome place. Everyone needs reassurance and the peace Jesus promises to those who place their trust in Him. The Bible instructs Christians to be ready to give an answer to those who ask us a reason for the hope and peace we have.

In fact, that is our purpose . . . to introduce others to Jesus Christ. Why? So they can enjoy His peace and presence on earth and then one day, when they die, join the heavenly throngs singing His praises.

When they die . . . . Only God knows when that will be. The author and finisher of life has ordained a certain number of days for each person He creates. How short or how long each will live is determined by Him. We intervene at our peril.

May I ask you something? Why do you suppose some people have a harder time than others in granting God His right to choose?

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