Monday, September 7, 2009

The Euthanasia Trojan Horse

I'm concerned about an article recently issued by the American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs (AAPLOG). AAPLOG is a group of honorable medical professionals and when they sound a warning, I listen up!

To read "The Euthanasia Trojan Horse" in it's entirety, go to

In question is a protocol, recently come to light, employed in the United Kingdom (UK) which has shocked the citizens of that country. Called the Liverpool Care Pathway, it was designed initially for terminal cancer patients. However, it has since become a standard of care nationwide.

The Liverpool Care Pathway, sometimes just called "The Pathway," allows a medical team to determine when the end of life is near. From that time on, the medical team (without permission from the patient or his representatives) "withholds food and fluids while administering a sedative to usher the soon-to-be dear departed from this world to the next."

In 2007-2008 credible British researchers determined that 16.5 percent of deaths in Britain resulted from this "continuous deep sedation." That's one in six, folks!

As the article points out, this protocol deprives these dying people of opportunities to impact their world, reconcile fractured relationships, make their peace with God . . . .

You know, of course, that the UK utilizes a one-payor socialized healthcare system, employing buzzwords such as evidence-based medicine, best practices, care pathways and protocols. Do you recognize any of these terms? If you are keeping up with health-based discussions here in the U.S., you've already heard them.

Beware, my friends, and alert those you know to be vigilant guardians of life from fertilization to natural death.

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