Thursday, August 26, 2010

Knowing When to Throw in the Towel

As children, we knew that almost everything took practice. We accepted the fact that we couldn't tie our shoes on our first attempt--or ride a bike, or swim across the pool. We knew that it took a year (at least) of training before we were granted a license to drive a car.

Perhaps we were grittier then than we are now. Perhaps we've fallen victim to the cultural "need" for instant gratification. Perhaps that's why so many of us throw in the towel long before we should.

How many of our relationships, or goals, or desires, have fallen by the wayside simply because we lacked the determination to press on? Have you ever changed course only to look back and wish you hadn't acted so hastily? How do you know you need to hang in there even if things seem hopeless?

This is not to say that there isn't a time to move on, but when is that time? What are some signs that God wants us to change course?


  1. I'm bummed it took me so long to know about your blog. I just skimmed through and love it. And love this entry. It was the reminder I needed today to persevere. Work+trust+patience...does that = perseverance?

  2. That sounds like a great--and workable--formula to me, Leslie. Thanks for your kind words.