Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Personal Prayer Request

Yesterday I wrote that God sometimes blesses us in unexpected ways by giving us things we've never even thought to ask for, much less want--such as special needs. What I didn't tell you is that God has showered blessings on our family because of our 8-year-old grandchild. Sam has special needs, including Down syndrome and autism and all the attending difficulties.

Today, I'm asking you to pray for Sam who will be having surgery this morning to repair his knee. Basically, the surgeon will cut the ligaments on either side of his knee, rotate the kneecap into place and then shorten the ligaments so they'll do a better job of keeping the kneecap in place. A second surgeon will place longer tubes in his ears so that he can hear better.

Please pray the doctors will be alert and discerning, that they'll get the job done, and that Sam will come out of his anesthesia without difficulty. Pray also for his 6-8 week recovery period, that he'll endure the cast and wheelchair and that he'll come out of this with improved mobility. Pray for strength for his mommy and daddy and that we'll all see God at work in this sweet little boy's life.

Thank you and may God bless you, too.