Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Do You Trim Your Wick?

Yesterday we concluded that we should strive to spend our days preparing for the Bridegroom's return by filling our spiritual lamps with oil and keeping our wicks trimmed. I don't know about you, but the only time I worry about a trimmed wick is when the power goes out. How can we apply this important concept to our own lives and times?

We trim our wicks when we:
  • have a heart's desire to get to know Jesus better
    (and expend the effort to make that happen),
  • spend time reading His love letters to us in the Bible
    (and apply His teaching to ourselves, not everyone else),
  • bow before Him in prayer
    (and wait for Him to speak to our spirit),
  • submit ourselves to His will for us
    (and do so quickly and without grumbling),
  • learn to love His other family members
    (even those we find unlovely),
  • esteem others better than ourselves
    (even those we know don't deserve it),
  • obey His commandments
    (all of them, not just those we find easy),
  • desire that His name be honored
    (at all times and in all places),
  • rejoice
    (even when it hurts)
These are only a few ways we can trim our wicks in our day and age. Please take a moment and add others to our list. Thank you!

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