Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Promise of a Stronghold

Ever been afraid . . . oppressed . . . fainthearted? Ever think you have no place to turn or any means of escape from a terrible situation?

Good news! The LORD promises to be a "stronghold" to those who come to Him in faith for help.

The LORD is my rock, 
my fortress and my deliverer,
my God is my rock,
in whom I take refuge.
He is my shield and the horn of my salvation,
my stronghold."
~Psalm 18:2

You can hide BEHIND the LORD as you would a mighty rock. Nothing can penetrate Him to get to you. You are tucked safely behind the Rock who will protect you.

You can hide IN the LORD as one seeking refuge in a fortress. The enemy can't get to you without first getting past the defenses set in place by the Commander of the fortress.

You are safe BESIDE your deliverer, the Lord God Himself  . . . your stronghold.

Does this mean you will never again experience physical suffering? No, it means that God will give you:
  • grace to endure, 
  • wisdom to flee, 
  • understanding to change things, or an
  • escape of His choosing. 
It means that you will find rest for your soul recognizing that you are part of a larger battle than you thought. Your oppressor is not your enemy: your enemy is the one who inflames your oppressor. And the only One who can overcome that enemy--Satan--is God.

"The one who is in you is greater
than the one who is in the world."
~ John 4:4 (NIV)

So, rest in the knowledge that help is available to those who place themselves in the keeping of the God of the Bible: Father, Son, and Spirit. Don't be afraid to ask Him: He wants to help you. Find a Bible and read, read, read. Your soul will be refreshed and your heart will be strengthened.

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